Top 9 Android Applications That Every Student Should Have

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. From social networking to using applications for educational purpose, smartphones have taken a hold of our lives in an irreplaceable way. While some of the applications can be found on almost everyone’s device such as whatsapp and Facebook others like the IRCTC application are not so common. Here, I present to you top 9 applications that every student should have on his/her smartphone in order to facilitate the educational motives in one way or another.

  1. Camscanner

CamscannerWhile you might be aware of most of the other applications on the list, camscanner is not so famous. Unlike its popularity, the usage of this application is vast. Camscanner essentially will save a lot of your money as it provides a cheap alternative to getting entire books photocopied. With camscanner you can click pictures of your friend’s notebook or textbook and modify the image to form a high-resolution text based image with perfected corners. After this, you can save your clicked images in form of a PDF for further reference.

  1. Drive

DriveAlthough you might not be all in for the cloud storage of data, drive helps you store the most important of your stuff to online cloud servers which allow you access to your data from any device, at any time. Drive application is a perfect solution to store your mark sheets and other relevant images of things such as Aadhar Card and driving license for easy access over the internet over any device. Also, you can save your project files on the drive so that you do not have to carry a portable storage device everywhere you go to showcase your presentation.

  1. Evernote

EvernoteEvernote functions in a quite similar way to the drive but rather than storing files, it can help you save important text and images such as Bank details and to-do lists. You can always make sure to lock the application or the note in order to prevent the information falling into the wrong hands. Evernote is also accessible via a website which allows you to create and modify lists on your computer and provides a link between the mobile application and the computer.

  1. Inshorts

InshortsIt is important for every student to be aware of the most basic of happenings around the world in form of national and international news. I understand that reading long newspaper articles is something that not everyone can do. This is when the inshorts application can step in to help. The application is designed to give you the brief and the most important part of the news giving you an overall knowledge of any topic within just 60 words. You can also choose your favourites genres of news such as technology or automobile based on your interest.

  1. Paytm

PaytmThe paytm application is another one of the handy applications that every student must have in his/her smartphone. You can do a recharge on anyone’s prepaid cellular network within seconds using the paytm application. Also, it can act as a virtual wallet which can be used to make payments at various restaurants and shops. The paytm application is the future of the online money transfer mechanism and allows the user freedom of mind and ease of operation.

  1. Shareit

ShareitThe shareit application is a file transfer application that allows you to share files between two devices. Installing shareit on your as well as your friends’ device is a good idea for you to easily share notes and other important pictures between yourselves. The application also facilitates the transfer of files between your computer and your smartphone once the shareit application is installed on your computer. The file transfer rate on the shareit application can go from anywhere between 500 Kbps to 5 Mbps hence providing a much faster transfer rate than Bluetooth.

  1. Applock

ApplockApplock is a great application that you can install on your phone to ensure that your private information is always out of the reach of other people. Applock allows you to hide pictures, videos and documents from the file manager and gallery on your device. It can also be used to hide or lock entire applications. Hence Applock can be efficiently used to lock all your social media applications such as whatsapp and Facebook easily. Applock, when coupled with Evernote, can be used to store sensitive information such as Bank and ATM card details which should only be accessible to you.

  1. Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Word, Excel and PowerpointThese are perhaps the most important applications that a student can have on his/her own device. With the power of these applications editing a document, an excel sheet or a presentation can be done within a matter of a few seconds. Also, it is a good idea to have an extra copy of your document or presentation or your smartphone before you go to present something in front of an audience. This will help you to get ready for the presentation while waiting for your turn.

  1. Uber/Ola

Uber/OlaUber is an application that will make your travelling life much simpler and cheaper. With this application installed on your device, you will no longer have to haggle with the auto-rickshaw drivers for the fare. Uber also provides for several coupons and offers on a weekly basis that will ensure that you have a cheap travelling option always in the pocket of your jeans. You can also go for the Ola application instead which performs quite similarly to the Uber application.


With these application installed on your smartphone, you can conquer the world of education. Using the smartphone as your daily companion to carry out the most basic of tasks such as prepare to-do lists will help you focus on the most important aspect of schooling, that is, studies. Also, these applications will save a lot of your time and money. Be sure to install these applications on your device to ensure that you are not wasting any time over matters of least importance.

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