Software That You Should Learn as Engineering Students

Computers have become an irreplaceable part of our lives. Computers are articles that have been so closely integrated with every day to day product that essentially we rely on them to do the most basic of tasks. If you are a college student and are aiming for further studies or placements, you might be wondering what software you can learn to enhance your SOP or your resume. Here, I am presenting to you top software that you should learn while in college, considering the fact that you already know how to use basic stuff like Excel and powerpoint.


python -logoLearning a programming language is as important as learning a vocal language in the current generation of computers. Learning how to code is basically learning how to communicate with the computer. A coding language should primarily be taught in school, but if this was not the case with you, it is never too late to learn it. Python is one of the easiest languages that you can learn in order to get the basics of programming straight. You can always move on to more advanced languages later.


Solidworks-logoThis is another one of the software that will help you along your way in an engineering college. Learning Solidworks in an engineering college is quite as important as breathing. With the knowledge of Solidworks, it is possible to make 3D models in the computer, test the material properties as well as perform several types of static and dynamic analysis. As you already know that engineering is a field that is concerned with ‘building’ things, you can do that easily in 3D on a computer.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop--logoIt is always beneficial to learn a creative software such as Photoshop or Illustrator in order to enhance your creativity and the way you think. This will eventually help you out in securing positions in companies as well as colleges for higher studies as you will be able to showcase your creativity in the most visual and vivid way.


Learn the basics of the mentioned software in order to ensure that the creative juices of your mind are churned as well as you have a great chance at getting placed in a good company or getting admissions into a great college.

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