MacBook V/s The Windows Laptops, Which One Should You, Buy?

The fight between the IOS and the Windows operating system goes back to almost 30 years now when it started back in 1986 between Bill Gates (The founder and CEO of Microsoft) and the late Steve Jobs (Co-Founder of Apple). While in the smartphone market, the clashes have always been between the Android and IOS devices, in the personal computing market, the fight has been between the Apple devices and the Windows devices. Let us find out if you are buying a new laptop in 2017, which one should you go for? Should you go for the MacBook Air / MacBook Pro or any Windows laptops?

MacBook VS Window Laptop

What are you going to use it for?

The number one criteria that you should define your purchase on should be the purpose for which you intend to use your laptop.


The clear winner, if you want to go for a gaming PC, is to go the windows laptop. If you are a hardcore gamer it is very likely that you will be able to find the games that you like on the windows platform far easily compared to when you set out to find a game on the Mac OSX. Again, you can make an argument here that you can install windows software on the MacBook in order to run the compatible games but then we come to the conclusion that it is not worth the price. You can get a custom laptop with high-end graphics and great specifications at almost the same price that you buy the MacBook for, which has comparatively very low-end specifications on paper.

Hence if you are setting out to buy a new MacBook make sure you are buying it to use it as a complete package and not just a cool/sleek looking device that you can install windows on. In this case, HP, Dell as well as Lenovo have come up with several sleek devices in the Spectre, XPS and the Yoga series respectively to serve the need of providing that sleek sexy look.

Video and photo editing             

If you are into the more creative field of work and deal with photo and video editing on day to day basis using software such as the Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier, it is preferable for you to go with the MacBook. MacBook with its retina display, thunderbolt charging port and a great software compatibility will make the process of photo and video editing much more reliable as well as faster.

As Apple has both its hardware and software made in house, the compatibility between them is just fantastic, making Apple devices run in a near to perfect crash and glitch-free manner. With end-to-end user control, you are definitely looking at a premium piece of machine that is capable of performing the limited things that it can do in the best way possible.


While the final argument can still include a lot of factors such as the build quality, the price tag, stability of the computing, etc. The purpose (gaming or not – gaming) for which you are buying the laptop is the only reason that should eventually matter. While geeks like us can scratch their heads over time comparing the specifications, customizations and an overall ease of use, in the end, it all comes down to the single most reason for usage.

Personally, I currently use a Lenovo laptop running on the Windows 10, which is almost 2 years old now. While I do like to play games sometimes, a major chunk of my time does go into video and content editing along with watching movies or browsing YouTube. So for this purpose, it is preferable for me to buy a new MacBook then go for a newer version of a Windows laptop. Also, if everything does go wrong, I can still get my hands on one of the coolest, sleekest and most attractive laptops ever build.

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