GoPro’s Fusion Spherical Camera is a 360-degree camera

GoPro is known as the foremost adventure camera companies in the world. The GoPro cameras are used to record adventure activities such as biking, trekking, surfing, etc. from the point-of-view of the performer. It has been producing cameras since a few years now and has excelled at making some of the finest, most compact as well as rugged cameras around the world. Not only does the company produce cameras but also makes its own mobile applications and video-editing software.

Recently GoPro announced the latest addition to its adventure camera series, the GoPro Fusion. Let us find out what is so special about the GoPro Fusion camera.

Link to the VR World

This is one of the finest upgrades made to the new GoPro. The new camera has the capability to record videos and capture images in the VR mode as well as the non-VR mode. Now you can combine the Virtual Reality Technology to the point-of-view recording of a GoPro and go skiing or surfing or biking right in your living room. The “Spherical” name suggests that the videos recorded by the GoPro are recorded in a spherical/VR mode.

High-Resolution Recording

Forget 4K recording now. GoPro has gone beyond the limits of Ultra-High Definition (UHD) recording and brought the 5.2K recording to the market. With this recording, it is possible to capture high definition images as well as record videos with a clarity like never before. The quality of the video recording by this new GoPro exceeds the recording quality of any other GoPro camera currently in existence.

Since the camera is made into a very small package, it is enough to make us wonder how intricate and fine is the high-resolution recording technology. The technology that usually is packed in a huge device with a giant battery pack that needs to be carried on a shoulder is now part of something that can fit right into your pocket.

Six GoPros in one device

The CEO and founder of the GoPro technology, Nicholas Woodman teased the new GoPro Fusion as follows, “It is a GoPro that has six GoPro cameras fused into one.” Hence, aptly naming his new device, “Fusion.” Currently, the company is receiving tons of applications from around the top adventure-sports companies as well as photo/video editors around the world. After this testing and application trial is completed, we hope the device is ready to be featured as one of the best camera devices in existence.


The GoPro Fusion is set to launch towards the end of 2017. If all the mentioned specifications of this device are true, camera giants around the world are going to face a really tough competition from a relatively new company. However, all these functionalities are expected to come with a heavy price tag. We expect the new GoPro Fusion to cost way more than any other GoPro that is currently available on the market.

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