All About The Latest Android Update ( Android 7.0 Nougat)

The Android OS on smartphones and tablet devices is the most popular OS for portable devices. The major competition of the Android OS is the ios (for the Apple devices). However, the market portion of Apple devices is considerably less when compared to the market share of the Android devices. The main reason for this is that Android comes up with updates much more often compared to ios. Also, the upgrades to the Android devices generally include a complete transformation of the devices whereas ios is more focused on releasing new updates for bug fixes.

Let us have a look at the latest Android Update, the Android Nougat. The Android Nougat comes after the last update of Android, the Android 6.0 aka Marshmallow.

There have been some considerable upgrades in the new Android. The two major upgrades include,

  • Reply to messages from the Notification bar

This quick fix on the Android OS allows you to reply to messages directly from the notification bar without having to open up the application. This feature will work well with all the major social networking applications like Hangouts, whatsapp, and Messages.

  • The support for Multi-window operation

This application is essentially useful for the people who have a large screen on their devices. The feature is perfectly suited for tablet or phablet devices that usually have a screen size of eight to ten inches. The multi-window operation will allow the users to simultaneously access two different applications on the same screen. For example, if you need to type something out from a website, you can keep the Google Chrome open on one-half of the screen while use to note application on the other half. This also means that you do not need to constantly switch between application screens.

There are several other features that have been added to aid a customizable and fluid user experience. The features like increased security, accessibility and work will ensure that you love upgrading to the new android 7.0 as much as you loved upgrading your device to the marshmallow from the lollipop version.

There are only a few devices like the oneplus 3 and the Motorola devices, that have currently received the Nougat update but we expect to see more and more devices being upgraded to the latest version very soon.

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