About Us

At Galsantech.com we serve the hunger of geeks and nerds who look forward to new technology on a daily basis. Galsantech.com is a complete guide to the new and existing technology in terms of computing power.

GALSAN stands for a clever acronym which reads out as follows,

G – Games

Provide the information on the latest releases on games with the required specifications of the device to run them. The games for android and iOS devices, as well as PC-gaming, are taken into account while providing the in-depth review.

A – Applications

We update you with necessary information on various smartphones as well as PC applications belonging to various niches such as photography, photo and video editing, browsing, etc.

L – Laptops

With Glasantech.com you can stay updated in the latest laptop releases around the world with their prices and specifications. We also provide a review on the laptops and give it a price score to ensure that you get a wholesome reading and information experience out of your visit to our website.

S – Smartphones

If you are looking forward to buying a new smartphone, do check out this website to stay updated regarding new launches in the smartphone industry. We collect our data from various sources in order to give you a summary of the smartphone launch with its designated specifications and price range.

A – Accessories

Technical accessories such as headphones and Bluetooth speakers make up a large part of our lives and to ensure that you get these accessories at the best price is our duty. We also compare several accessories on the market to bring out top 10 lists of devices that go well with your computer and smartphones.

N – News

If you love reading about new technology from various genres such as robotics, networking and want to know about cool new gadgets, Galsantech.com has got you covered. We bring you news about various product launches from around the globe at one location.

With this said, we take care of the needs of every individual looking to purchase a new device or a software and provide an in-depth review of the same along with the necessary price and specifications. The website itself it handled by youngsters who look forward to making their own dent in the universe by providing a mass media service catering to the needs of every like-minded technocrat.

So, the next time you set out to buy a new electronic device, be sure to check our website to find relevant information and the best price for your product.